Five reasons to drink Riesling

Five reasons to drink Riesling

It’s Riesling month in the wine world, and a movement has been set in motion to get the punters drinking more of this great grape. At Thirsty we are big fans, so we jumped on board the campaign train and here is why you should join us…

1. Because the Sommeliers say so…

Next time you take your better half to somewhere fancy pants, ask the Sommelier to name their top five grapes. I bet they count Riesling as one of them. And you won’t find a famous French town named on the bottle, so you get great quality at an affordable price.

2. It’s a beauty of a summer wine…

The crisp cool freshness of this wine makes it as easy to drink as orange juice, plus the alcohol content is lower than your average bottle of wine at around 11.5%, meaning you can drink all afternoon without toppling off your chair. I can vouch for this!

3. The 2015 vintage was a cracker…

Doing the rounds at the Austrian and German tastings earlier this year, producers up and down the tasting rooms wore proud smiles as the industry pro’s dished out compliments on the latest harvest. We may have missed it by a long way here in grey old England but 2015 was hot across continental Europe, resulting in exceptionally bright, lively fresh wines to make you salivate.

4. It’s versatile…

Drink it old, drink it young, drink it dry, drink it sweet. Rieslings can be found at both ends of the sweetness spectrum, and is worth exploring at every level on the scale. Before you screw your face up at the thought of sweet wine, let me tell you that a good semi-sweet Riesling will have a strong acidic backbone, keeping all the other components in line. Meaning the wine is nicely balanced allowing you to taste all the elements of its making. Not only that but this acidity allows it to age, for years. If you’ve not tried an older Riesling before, you might be surprised by its potent petrol smell. Don’t be put off, that smell is an indication of its rich, honeyed texture. I don’t mean to get all-scientific about it, but you could call these the layers of time… oo er.

5. It goes well with food…

Thanks to its versatility it’s a wine which can be drunk with those stronger, flavoured foods. Never sure what to order with Sushi? Some Rieslings can be intensely lime-y, which will complement raw fish, or try an off dry bottle, to go with those spiced curry dishes.  Remember what grows together, go German with Riesling and Sauerkraut.

Here’s our pick of Rieslings from two new young producers from Germany and Austria…


Knewitz Riesling 2015


Allram Riesling Strassertaler 2015


Allram Riesling Heilegenstein 1.OTW 2014


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