People and History

Before the revolution...

So – there was an Englishman and a Frenchman and surprisingly, they were friends. They shared common interests and worked in similar fields and with their French-British connection, realised that Alpine Chalet companies were offering supermarket wine to their guests.

“Heavens above”, said Sam, “this won’t do”. “What iz zis” replied Roch, “zis iz terrible”.

And so Le Verre Gourmand was formed in 2006, supplying wines to all kinds of businesses, big and small. With the help of a few recruits along the way, they became leading wholesalers of wine across the Alps.

Having triumphed in the Alps, it was time for Sam to come home. Akin to William the Conqueror in 1066, the English Channel was crossed and Le Verre Gourmand came to reign on British shores. Waving the Thirsty flag, a new brand and a drinking Revolution was born.

May you no longer be intimidated by wine labels with those oh-so unpronounceable words.  Not sure if Riesling is a place or a grape? We won’t laugh. Feeling Thirsty but can’t decide which hip new craft beer to try first? We can advise you. At Thirsty, we are your allies, here to combat those drinking faux pas. Together we can revolutionise drinking: join us on our crusade for a Thirst quenching entente cordiale.

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We are Thirsty

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